Resident Information

Management Office:
Phone: (631) 249-0652 – Leave a message or call 631-897-9288 for emergency service
E-Mail: Contact Us

Additional Numbers & Information:
All Storm Drains: (516) 825-1010 for drain stoppages
National Grid: (800) 490-0045 for gas emergencies only
PSEG: (800) 490-0075 for electric emergencies only

Please Remember:
– No dogs allowed residing or visiting.
– Smoking is not permitted in rental units.
– Smoking is permitted in shareholder units with restrictions.
– Suffolk County law prohibits smoking within 50 feet of entrances, exits and ventilation intake units.
– Town of Babylon law prohibits gas barbecues.  Electric barbecues are allowed.
– Our lovely outdoor picnic area with grill pit is available for use at no charge.  Please contact the Management Office to arrange the time you would like to use the area.  You must sign a waiver indicating you are responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the grill pit.
– Please help keep the Laundry Room clean and be sure to promptly remove your clothes at the end of the cleaning and drying cycles as a courtesy to others especially in times of peak usage.

Please refer to the House Rules for more information.

Important Documents:
House Rules – This document contains the rules governing things you can and cannot do in our community.  These rules are generally common-sense items to ensure all residents are provided with safety and quiet enjoyment of their units.

Resale Requirements – This document contains the information needed for both buyers and sellers involved in a resale transaction.

Renovation Request Form – Shareholders are permitted to make renovations to their units only after first receiving approval from the Management Office.  This document outlines the requirements.  You must complete the form and provide its requested documentation to the Management Office for evaluation before beginning any renovation.  Renovation may proceed only after the Management Office approves of the work to be done.

Bicycle Storage Permit Sticker – Bicycle storage in the Laundry Room requires a small permit sticker to be placed on each bike.  Contact the Management Office to obtain stickers at no cost.  A bicycle rack is provided and we recommend securing your bike to the rack with a lock.  Bicycle storage is at your own risk.

Mass Transit:
Visit for train schedules.

Please visit the link below for more information about parking at Farmingdale station:
Farmingdale LIRR Parking